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Nvtro Industry


Nvtro was founded on the back of decades of work developed in clinical nutrition by the De Vasconcelos family in Brazil.


The first enteral diets produced were very important for sedimentation of clinical nutrition on national soil. As well as, the closed system enteral diets, which were the first in the world to be produced in southern latitudes of the Equator.


Nvtro aims to provide society with solutions in nutritional products that identify it as generating new knowledge and transforming the binomial nutrition and health.


May its action be recognized, at regional, national and global level, as a source of development of foods that promote healthier life, greater longevity, disease prevention, producing enteral diets, oral supplements with quality, technology and innovation.


Nvtro also aims to combat clinical malnutrition, post-modern diseases, whose control, prevention include adequate food education and access to healthy foods.


Nvtro's purpose is to help, transforming our environment through nutrition and nutrition.

Product Lineup

Enteral Diets and Supplements

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Nutro Soy Premium

Powdered enteral nutrition based on soy protein


Normocaloric in standard dilution Hyposodium, free of sucrose and lactose




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